How To Ride Ruts

Do You Run and Hide?

You’re flying along a single-track and then…whoa.  A great, big, nasty rut appears in front. Does it stop you in your tracks, or do you have the skills to make it through?

It can be run-and-hide time for some mountain bikers, but a great challenge and a great little buzz for others.

So why do some people find it a buzz?  And what special skills get them through?

Flow, Don’t Fight

Those that make it through know the five key skills needed to flow rather than fight with the rut.  And here’s the first one…


  • once in the rut, tell yourself you’ll make it through as long as you relax
  • think ‘thumbs’ and release some tension from your hands.  Still keep control of the handlebar, but allow a bit more loose-ness in your steering

and the next four key skills…

…can you think of them?  Check out How To Ride Ruts to find the answers

I’ve thrown in an mtbtips Super Tip as well to get you thinking about flowing, rather than fighting.

Have fun and let me know how you go.


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