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Competition details

Four High performance low cost upgrades you shouldn’t mountain bike without

Guess the BANG! 9 second video competition trailer

9 second video $50 USD Bonus Prize details

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Q: The inspiration behind the new High Performance Upgrades Giveaway?

A: This article HERE about four high performance, yet low cost upgrades you can make to give your mountain biking a very big boost. Total read time 3 -4 minutes.

Contest Details & Guidelines

This competition is going to be a lot of fun, and the mtbtips subscriber community is pretty small, so your odds of winning are good!

Here’s how the contest works

  • become an mtbtips.com blog subscriber if you haven’t done so already. Click here to subscribe to the blog.
  • make a video, no longer than 1 minute in length, upload it to Youtube, and email the web address (http link) of your YouTube video to this email address: chris (at) mtbtips.com to enter

In your video

  • show me your current mountain bike and/or helmet. It does not matter whether your bike and gear is cheap or expensive, old or new.
  • tell me what you’ll spend the $200 on, if you win the Grand Prize
  • tell me why I should choose you as the winner
  • be creative. Your video doesn’t need to be fancy or high definition, but it does need to be interesting!

Bonus $40 Prize

  • check out the 9 second competition trailer and see if you can guess what makes that bang sound in the video
  • if you’re the first person to post the correct answer on the blog comments roll, I’ll mail you a $50 US voucher from ChainReactionCycles.com. (or in the currency of your choice, equivalent to $50 USD)
  • * * * Guess the Bang UPDATE * * * The $50 bonus prize has been won.  Congratulations to Carlos who correctly guessed ‘a basketball hitting a backboard’.  Thanks to all of you who submitted a guess, or two.  Good luck with winning the Grand Prize. – Chris

** please read the Competition Guidelines further down the page, too! **

Closing date for entries

  • the contest closes midnight Sunday 12th August EST *Closing date now extended to Sunday 19th August*
  • due to new closing date, the Winner will be announced via emailed blog post before midnight Sunday 26th August EST

The Grand Prize

  • The Grand Prize is an on-line voucher from chainreactioncycles.com, equivalent to $200 USD in value
  • If you prefer a currency other than USD, the winner can choose to receive the voucher equivalent to $200 USD in the currency of their choice – Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, Swiss franc, Danish krone, Euros, British pound, Japanese yen, Norwegian krone, New Zealand dollar, Swedish Krona, Singapore dollar, or South African rand.
  • If you’re a resident of postcode 4680 Gladstone, Australia, the Grand Prize is a AUD$200 gift voucher to spend at M1 Cycles, Tank Street, Gladstone, courtesy of mtbtips.com.

** Important competition guidelines **

1. Your Entry

  • you must be a subscriber to the mtbtips.com blog to enter. Click here to subscribe to the blog if you haven’t already.
  • you must email your entry from the email address you used to subscribe to the mtbtips blog. Only entries received from blog subscriber email addresses will be accepted.
  • entries will only be accepted via the chris (at) mtbtips.com email address
  • your entry email must contain your first name, state/province and country
  • please do not send emails that contain embedded videos. Your video’s web address link (starting with http://) and the above details are all you need to email to enter.
  • your age and place does not matter. Anyone can enter, from any country.
  • you can enter more than once, but only your last two entries will count. If you enter today, then realise in two week’s time that you want to submit a better or different video, you can. However, come competition closing time, make sure that the last two video links you entered are the two entries you want in the draw for the Grand Prize.

2. Your video

  • videos must be no longer than 1 minute duration
  • youtube videos must be enabled ‘public’, not private
  • only enter videos that you have personally created and own all the video content rights to
  • video ownership of entries shortlisted for the Grand Prize will be verified via youtube personal message, prior to announcing the winner
  • language spoken in the video must be in English
  • videos of a profane, rude or vulgar nature will not be accepted

3. Your personal details

  • by submitting your link and therefore entering your video into the competition, you agree to allow mtbtips.com to embed and publish your video, including your first name, state/province and country

4. How to upload to YouTube – it’s easy

  • learn how to upload your video to YouTube here

5. Competition details are subject to change without notice

6. This competition is separate to the monthly blog subscriber giveaway

Good luck!

Remember, the MTBtips subscriber community is pretty small, so your odds of winning are pretty good! Have a go, and good luck!

9 Second Video competition trailer ‘Guess the Bang’:

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Patrick’s video entry:

JBT Rider’s video entry:

Anthony’s video entry:

Jonathan’s video entry:

Tudor’s video entry:

Matthew’s video entry:

Loyal’s video entry:

Leif’s video entry:

Tony’s video entry:

Noah’s video entry:

Your entry?