Mountain Bike Brake and Shifter Setup

Use the 3-minute step by step video below to optimize your mountain bike brake and shifter setup for one finger braking.  Your new setup will help you brake better on a mountain bike and give you new speed, confidence and control.

Keep the following tips in mind when performing your brake and shifter setup:
Bent Wrist No-No – riding with your wrist bent too much in any direction can strain or jar the wrist and cause injury.

Downhillers – the typical downhilling position places your body lower and further rearward, which lowers your arm angle to the handlebars. Assume this downhill position over the bike and set brake body tilt based on your hands in this position. This way you’ll have a more direct grip on the bar and you’ll operate the brake levers more effectively.

Cross Country – if you ride mostly cross country, but there’s still a touch of downhill, check that you can still comfortably reach the brake levers when you’re low and rearward off the saddle.

Quality Lock-on mountain bike grips – give you more confidence and control.  If you haven’t already, switch to a good set of lock-on mountain bike grips, like the pair I use. You’ll be glad you did!

Now that you have correct brake and shifter setup:

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