Mountain Bike Control Tips

Not just any mountain bike control tips or techniques make it on to this page.  Here is a selection of very effective mountain bike tips that will help you advance your mountain biking control and teach you how to balance on a mountain bike with confidence.

I challenge you to put these tips to the test and prove to yourself what five minutes practice here and there of these specific bike balance tips can do to your mountain biking skills.  You’ll be mountain biking with more control, better balance and a bigger smile in no time.

How to Balance on a Mountain Bike – slow corners and switchbacks – Learn how to improve your balance on a mountain bike in those slow speed corners and when riding switchbacks on a mountain bike.  For as little as five minutes a day these simple control tips will have you mountain biking with more control and balance in the corners and switchbacks before the end of the week.  Make it happen here

How to Balance on a Mountain Bike – riding over logs and narrow bridges – Learn how to balance on a mountain bike so you can ride over logs and narrow bridges.  Do you ‘feather and pedal’ ?  What does it mean and how will it help you become a better mountain biker?  Find out here

How to Adjust Clipless Pedals for Better Balance – Learn how to adjust clipless mountain bike pedals and why adjusting your clipless pedals for the right settings at the right time helps you learn mountain biking skills faster and more easily. Includes adjustment instructions for all the popular mountain bike clipless pedal manufacturers.

Mountain Bike Brake Lever and Shifter Setup – How you setup your brake and shifter controls on a mountain bike can have a big influence on how well you will flow with the bike.  Do you know your shifter sweet spot?  What the ideal reach for your brake lever?  Find the answers here