How to Remove a SRAM Powerlink

Learn how to remove a SRAM Powerlink without tools in seconds with three simple steps.  Note: 10 and 11 speed SRAM Powerlocks can only be removed using a chain breaker tool like this one I use.

Step 1 – Remove tension from the chain

– Shift to the smallest gears front and back to remove chain tension, with the link sitting in the middle on the bottom chain run.

Step 2 – Squeeze and Slide

– To unlock the link, squeeze it between your thumb and forefinger, then slide the Powerlink plates in opposite directions with your fingers, like you’re trying to bring the link pins closer together

Step 3 – Separate the link

– Pull the two Powerlink halves apart from each other.  Done!

Get your SRAM Powerlinks and Powerlocks here

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