How to Install a SRAM Powerlink

Learn how to install a SRAM Powerlink or Powerlock in seconds with these simple video steps.  Written steps with photos below video.

To complete this task you’ll need a chain breaker tool or mountain bike multi-tool with a chain breaker:

– I use the Crank Brother Multi 19 or the Topeak Alien II. (I have both)
– a Shimano XT and XTR chain plus the included connecting pin
– and a SRAM Connecting Link. (optional – instead of the chain pin)

A Bike Stand also comes in very handy. I waited years to get a one, then wondered why I waited so long for this great convenience. If you’re hard on tools, here’s an even more durable Bike Stand.

Step 1 – Remove tension from the chain

  • Shift to smallest rear gear and smallest front ring
  • Hold the rear derailleur arm forward using a friend, bungy strap or stick through your spokes (careful!)

Step 2 – Remove the links you want to replace

  • Using your mountain bike multi-tool remove the chain link(s) that you want the Powerlink to replace.
  • You’ll need to leave the chain with two bare eye ends so that you can fit a Powerlink (below).
  • Full instructions on how to remove chain pins can be found here.

Step 3 – Insert the SRAM Powerlink halves into the chain eyes

How to install a SRAM Powerlink

Step 4 – Mate the Powerlink halves together by locating each half into the other’s pin slot.

How to install a SRAM Powerlink

Step 5 – Squeeze and slide

  • Squeeze the Powerlink together between your thumb and pointer finger, then slide your fingers in opposite directions to slide the Powerlink pins into their locked position.
  • Powerlock users: connect the two halves then cycle the link to the top chain run.  Apply the rear brake then push the pedal down until you hear a click. Done!

How to install a SRAM Powerlink

How to Remove a SRAM Powerlink

  • To remove a Powerlink, simply perform the opposite of the above:
  • Squeeze the Powerlink between your thumb and pointer finger while sliding the Powerlink plates in opposite directions to disengage the pins fro the locked position
  • Now pull the two halves apart to remove them from each other’s pin slot and the chain eyes.
  • A clean chain helps!

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