Racing Tip 24 – The Energy Gel Grab

If you’ve ever used energy gels during a mountain bike race, you’ll know how tricky it can be at times to keep control of your bike while trying to squeeze the sachet contents into your mouth. It’s a task that really requires two hands.  One hand to hold the gel sachet, while the other hand rips the tab off to open the gel, so you can then squeeze the gel down your throat.

Problem is, to get the job done with two hands you need a nice flat and smooth piece of trail to ride no-handed.  And flat and smooth trail rarely comes along at the right time during the race when you need to eat an energy gel.

So What Do You Do?

One solution could be to keep riding with one hand on the handlebar while ripping the tab off the sachet with your teeth.  But that usually means you’ll want to spit the tab out of your mouth before eating the gel.

Nope.  Scrap that idea. Spraying the environment with energy gel tabs is a no-go.  Here’s a better, much simpler solution:

The One-handed Strap

Strap your energy gels to your top tube, each gel strapped just in front of the next, so that the tape for each gel neatly holds the sachet tab in place down to the tear line.

That way you can keep in control with one hand on the handlebar, while the other hand simple rips the gel sachet from it’s secured tab, automatically opening the gel for you to squeeze it down your throat with the same hand.  No fuss, in control and kind to the environment.  And…you don’t have to wait for that nice flat piece of trail to ride no-hands anymore.

Just remember to tuck your empty sachet under the leg of your knick or in your pocket :).  yes, Mum.

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