Racing Tip 23 – The Quick Release Tube

Here’s a handy little mountain bike racing tip that helps you free up some room in your Camelbak or bike seat bag to carry some extra items when mountain biking.

Just say you’ve got an endurance mountain bike race coming up this weekend.  And because it’s a longer race you need to carry extra items, but the problem is, you don’t have the room for those extra items in your Camelbak or bike bag.  So what do you do?

Here’s a Simple Solution

Take your spare bicycle tube, or multi-tool pouch, or first aid kit out of the bag and strap it onto your bike somewhere.  But where?

Well, as you’ll see in the video, there are a few nifty places where you could strap that tube or aid kit to create some extra room in your Camelbak.  Just be sure to strap it onto your bike somewhere where it won’t get scuffed by your feet or legs as you pedal, or damaged by moving suspension bits as you ride along.  But not just any strapping will do…

…make sure you use a quick release strap, so that you can get that tube of in a hurry.  But before we get to the quick release strap make sure you use these…

Two Handy Tricks First (click here for Racing Tip 23 full video)

  1. Unfold your spare tube and give it a light covering of talcum power, before rolling it back up.  Rubber on rubber, as in tube into tire, can be sticky, making the tube difficult and slower to slip into place, but giving it a good coat of powder will help it slip into place fast and easier.  And fast is just what you need in the middle of a mountain bike race.
  2. Pack the folded tube inside a zip-lock bag so that’s it’s protected from the elements.  Packing it inside a bag also means that you’ll strap the bag to your frame, not the tube itself, keeping the tube in good condition.  Then…

Now that your tube is powdered and inside the zip-lock you can strap the pack in place on your frame to give you a…

Quick Release Tube

Nobody wants to be wasting time in the middle of a mountain bike race trying to find the start of the tape with their fingernail as competitors are racing by, so what you need is a quick release set-up.  To do this, simply secure your pack onto your frame with electrical tape, making sure the last half to one inch of the tape is folded back over on itself.  It’s best to cut the tape so that this folded end is positioned out of the way of your legs, too, so that something won’t try to unpeel it.

Once you’ve got the folded end in place you’ll be able to find it in seconds when it’s mid-race and you’re in a hurry to repair your flat tire. If you’re still not sure check out the steps in the video below…

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