Racing Tip 22 – Pressure Check

This handy mountain bike racing tip is about about tire pressures.  Make sure you check your tire pressure just before the race start.  Don’t assume that your tires have the same psi on the start line as they did when you last checked them three weeks ago!

See, tubed and tubeless mountain bike tire combinations can all leak air over time, especially some tubeless set-ups, so it’s always best to check your tire pressure before the race start.

The Devil’s in the Details

A five or even a three psi change to the air pressure you usually ride can make a significant difference to how your tires handle and how your bike responds to the terrain.

In turn these differences can force you to respond and ride your bike slightly differently than you normally do, too.  Grip levels and rolling resistance won’t be what you expect and you could have trouble finding your groove and flowing with your bike the way you usually do. And nobody wants that sort of trouble during a race.  So,

Before your next mountain bike race

Check your tire pressures before the start and adjust them if need be.  Give yourself the best chance to feel at home on your bike so that you and your bike can flow as one.  Good luck with the race!

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