Racing Tip 15 – Tubeless Tire Sealant Check

How long has it been since you last checked how much tubeless tire sealant is inside your mountain bike’s tubeless tires?  Six months? 


Keep in mind that tubeless sealant doesn’t last forever. Temperature, tubeless sealant quality, tire type, and wheelset or conversion kit or valve leaks all affect how long sealant lasts.

So, if you haven’t checked your sealant recently, do it now!

As a rule, check your sealant every 2 to 3 months and before every race. The few minutes you spend now could mean the difference between riding the whole race, or walking to the finish because you didn’t realize you had low or no sealant. recommends this tubeless sealant.

How to Check Your Tubeless Tire Sealant Levels (2 minute video below)

  • Make sure you have enough new tubeless tire sealant on hand for both tires.
  • Turn each wheel so the valve is at the top, then release all air pressure from the tire using the valve.
  • Using a tire lever or two, un-seat a small section of bead on each tire.
  • Look inside each tire to see how much sealant is at the bottom.  How much tubeless sealant is enough? This much.

Learn the Signs of possible Low Sealant levels:

  • You have to pump up your tubeless tires a few psi before each ride
  • There is sealant leaking at the bead (between the tire and the rim) or from other sections of the tire
  • Some sealant sprayed out of your tire during a ride, or there is sealant solution spray on your bike

Stan’s NoTubes Tubeless Tire Sealant recommended quantities:

  • small tires of 1.0 to 1.8 inch width – use 2/3 scoop per tire (1 scoop equals 63 cubic centimetres)
  • 1.9 to 2.0 sized tire – use 1 to 1 1/2 scoops (2 oz or 60 grams) per tire
  • larger tires and downhill tires – use 2 scoops per tire

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