Go First Team Rider – Mountain bike race tip 7

Racing with your mates as a relay team in a mountain bike race is awesome fun.  But often the team has trouble deciding who will ride first, with just about everyone shying away from going First Rider.

Yet, going First Rider is a great way and another valuable opportunity for you to practice your solo race start skills. So why let the opportunity go by?

At Your Next Mountain Bike Race

If you’re the type of rider who usually backs away from the opportunity, forget the pressure!  Step out of your comfort zone, and put your hand up to go first in your next mountain bike race. No matter the result, going first will teach you far more about yourself, your skills and what to do better for your next solo or team mountain bike race start, than shying away from the opportunity time and again, could ever do.  (check out the funny Race Tip 7 video below – which team member are you more like?)

To Prepare as First Rider:

  • develop at least a simple but well thought out race plan, and;
  • discuss a start strategy with your teammates, and I’m sure you’ll do just fine.

The more you choose to start first, the more you’ll develop the confidence and experience it takes to make intelligent race starts.  Sure, you’ll still get start line nerves, but you’ll grow to be more comfortable with them.  Over time that will help you make better decisions off the line for better race starts and better race results. Good luck in the race!

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