Go Faster on Your Mountain Bike

Here are a ton of speed and race tips to help you mountain bike with more confidence, momentum, efficiency and control than you ever have before. Enjoy.

Free Speed Tip 1 Why Front Braking is King – learn how front braking will help you go faster on a mountain bike

Free Speed Tip 2 The big braking question – gain more speed and efficiency on the bike by asking yourself this simple question

How to Flow as One with your Mountain Bike Do you strangle your bike? – why it’s costing you energy and speed, and what you can do about it

How to Ride Faster through Narrow Gaps Learn judgement – crush your fear of hitting the trees. Learn how to develop your judgement, skill and confidence to ride a mountain bike faster between narrow gaps

MTB Racing Tip 9 How to lube your chain without stopping – restore efficiency to your drivetrain during those dry, dirty and dusty mountain bike races

MTB Racing Tip 10 Breathe better to race faster – increase your performance in and out of races with these effective breathing tips

MTB Racing Tip 11 Wet weather wipe – performance race cars do this with their brakes and you should too

MTB Racing Tip 12 Calm Pumper – a simple mountain bike tip that could save you a lot of trouble and wasted race time when you next get a flat tire

MTB Racing Tip 13 The muck proof pump – Learn how to avoid the infamous ghost punctures by following this simple mountain bike racing tip

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MTB Racing Tip 14 The Big Picture race strategy – don’t sabotage your own race! Think clear and think right with this mountain bike racing tip

MTB Racing Tip 15 The tubeless check – a quick squiz could save you a long walk in your next mountain bike race. That’s what makes the Tubeless Check racing tip so important.

MTB Racing Tip 16 Know thy course – everything you need to know about your next mountain bike race to help you ride with more confidence, control and speed than ever before

MTB Racing Tip 17 Mountain bike racing etiquette – essential ten point guide to good mountain bike racing etiquette to help you get the most from your mountain bike racing endeavors

MTB Racing Tip 18 Muddy race ready – one big brake tip plus three bonus tips to ensure your brakes are truly prepared for any weather

MTB Racing Tip 19 Top passing strategies – enhance your mountain bike racing strategy, on-the-fly decisions for passing other riders, and race performance with these simple mountain bike racing tips

MTB Racing Tip 20 The Race Face – poker players have a poker face and as a mountain biker racer you should have a race face. Find out the three psychological advantages your race face can give you

MTB Racing Tip 21 The 2 x 10 Too Fast Start solution – How to control all that start line adrenaline so you don’t take off too fast and burn out your lungs and legs within minutes

MTB Racing Tip 22 Pressure Check – give yourself the best chance to flow as one with your bike in your next race with this simple, yet very important race tip!

MTB Racing Tip 23 The quick release tube – free up some space in your saddle bag or camelbak and learn some time-saving puncture repair tricks

MTB Racing Tip 24 The Energy Gel Grab – snack fast and in control in your next mountain bike race with this