How to ride logs, planks, gaps, ruts, rock gardens

Detailed, step by step mountain biking skills that will have you riding along logs, planks, through impossible gaps and jagged ruts with absolute finesse, in no time at all.

How to ride along logs and planks

A common-sensed, step by step approach to learning how to ride along logs and planks

How to ride through narrow gaps with speed and confidence

The confidence and skill this tip provides will amaze you!

How to ride a log roll-over / log stack

Ride log roll-overs and stacks today in four easy steps

How to ride rock gardens

Six simple steps and a three minute how-to video

How to ride ruts on a mountain bike

How to ride a jagged rut with calm and control

Balance drills for log and plank crossings

Accelerate your balance skills for log crossings fast

How to adjust clipless pedals for better balance

Practical clipless pedal tips to enhance your confidence and balance