Braking tips and brake repair skills

There’s far more to mountain bike braking skills than just pulling the levers. Learn the right way to brake, when to brake, when not to brake and how to set up your brake controls to enhance your momentum, reduce your stopping distance and increase your riding efficiency.

How to Brake just like the Pros

Learn why you should be using One Finger Braking

Why the Front Braking Technique is King

Ride faster and reduce your stopping distance with this technique

Brake and shifter setup guide

Essential guide to proper brake and shifter lever positioning

The Heel Drop for better control on descents

Enhance your downhill stability and braking with this magic little number

When to Skid on a mountain bike

The do’s and don’t’s of skidding on a mountain bike

Brake Repair: Learn how to clean mountain bike disc brakes, fix squeaky disc brakes, bed-in new brake pads and more with these easy to follow, step by step guides.

Quick and Easy disc brake clean

Restore your brake performance after that dirty ride

How to fix squeaky disc brakes

The solutions are probably not what you think!

How to fix oily brakes on the trail

A simple tip that solves a difficult problem

How to lubricate Brake and Shift cables

Shift and brake easier with lubricated inner cables

The Easiest way to remove your rear wheel

without getting covered in grease and chain oil!

Muddy Race Ready

be prepared for that next epic mountain bike race with this crucial disc brake maintenance tip