MTB Tips Live Show 23: Racing, Tire Guide and Code, Squeaky Saddles, Popping Fork Seals and more

Hi Groovers,

Live Show 23′s Hot Topics include:

  • The new Tire Selection Video Guide (and discount code which expires very soon)
  • A classic tip to help you get rid of the squeaks
  • Three short tips that viewers have used to race faster

Plus a couple of Fork Cleaning and Clipless Pedal questions answered.

It’s less than 5 minutes of Golden MTB Goodness that will help you mountain bike better, so check it out!


Watch MTB Tips Live Show 23 HERE (4:51)


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~ Chris

Video Surprise: New Tire Buying Guide and discount code for All Groovers

Hi Groovers,

how to choose mountain bike tires

My new, 6 Step Tire Buying Video Guide is a bit like one of those Kinder Surprise chocolates: what you can see is a real treat, and then there’s a hidden surprise, too!


Watch ‘How to Choose Mountain Bike Tires : Simple 6 Step Guide’ HERE

Click through to the new 4-minute Tire Buying Guide and surprise yourself.  A special discount code on ALL bike tires for the MTBtips Community awaits.

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Enjoy!  ~ Chris

p.s. The code expires at 12pm (BST) on 29th July. Better be quick!

MTB Tips Live Show 22: Your Skill Challenge, Pegatin, Tool Pouches and Prizes

Hi Groovers,

In this week’s Live Show: Watch it HERE

  • I set a challenge for Your next ride. (It’s not that hard, but the rewards can be huge!)
  • A 10% discount on Pegatin Pro (enter the code “MTBTIPS10” at step 3 where it says ‘Have a coupon?’)
  • Weekly Quick Tip: the Tool Pouch that costs you nix


  • New MTBtips Up and Down Stairs skill videos
  • The (belated) May and June $50 subscriber prize draws
  • Your Comments Q and A, and a heap more handy tips

In a nutshell: plenty of solid gold stuff to help you mountain bike better in only 5 minutes.

Enjoy! and say Hi to your bike for me.

~ Chris


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Skill videos mentioned in this Live Show:

7 Ways you Can Pedal Smarter
How to Mountain Bike 20 Percent Faster in 3 minutes
The Thigh Stop Downhill Control Technique
How to Use a Dropper Post for MORE than Just Downhill
How to Ride Down Stairs: The 4 Key Tips
How to Ride UP Stairs: The 4 Key Tips – viewed 7,000 times and only 2 days old!
How to Bunny Hop – the Best Step by Step Guide


How to Ride Up and Down LONGER Stairs on a Mountain Bike: The 4 Key Steps you could be missing

Hi Groovers,

I had a lot of fun making these 2-minute videos for you!

If you’ve ever wanted the skill to:

  • climb Up more than the usual three of four stairs, or
  • ride Down a long flight of stairs that includes a landing turn

Then check out these brand new skill videos:

How to Ride UP Stairs on a Mountain Bike: The 4 Key Steps

How to Ride DOWN Stairs on a Mountain Bike: The 4 Key Steps


How to ride up stairs 250p play thumbnailHow to ride down stairs 250p play thumbnail

Why should you learn to ride stairs?

  1. Because it’s fun.  Of course!
  2. Because the skills you learn are just what you need to ride stairs made of roots and ledges on the trails.

If you have any questions, drop me a line in the comments.  I’ll see if I can help some more.

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Enjoy! ~ Chris

The Light Bulb Moment: MTBtips Indiegogo Trailer (did someone say T-shirts?)

Exciting news, Groovers!

Check out the 1-minute video below:


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Say Hi to your bike for me.
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MTB Tips Live Show 21– Hop, Heel, Drop & Cage Super Tips, Prize Draw and more

Hi Groovers,

In MTB Tips Live Show 21:

  • A surprise Skill Video from the MTB Tips Video Vault that you probably haven’t seen,
  • A Quick Tip to keep you hydrated on the trail,
  • The April Prize Draw,
  • My answers to the great questions below, and more!

Watch 5-minute Live Show 21 HERE

‘What things can I do to improve my bike.

I have bought pedals and wheels. What other things would be worth upgrading? My bike is 10 years old.’

~ Mercy J. via MTB Tips Live Show 20

‘I can’t seem to get my front wheel that high. Any tips on getting the front wheel higher than 6 inches?’

~ Doug R. via How to Bunny Hop

‘I am having trouble going over logs and need to know if you have a video that teaches me’

~ Ken H. via 5 Backyard Drills for Awesome MTB Skills

‘Is the technique the same for non-clip in pedals? How do we get the rear wheel up?’

~ dacitizenonline via How to Bunny Hop


Thanks for subscribing. Enjoy the tips and the trails!

~ Chris

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How to Bunny Hop and the One Critical Step Most Riders Miss

Hi Groovers,

Let’s cut to the chase.

We all know the Bunny Hop is an essential mountain biking skill that makes you far more capable on the trails.

But it’s not the easiest skill to learn.

Particularly when a lot of the videos out there are missing one critical step. So, I’ve included it in the brand new MTBtips How to Bunny Hop video.


Click HERE to view the How to Bunny Hop video and complete tutorial


So if you’ve struggled to learn the hop in the past, or you’re looking for a bigger, better hop, this is the video for you.

At the link you’ll also find helpful Set-up tips, a Practice Schedule that offers REAL results, and lots more.  With all this at your fingertips, you’re guaranteed to get it right. So check it out!


How to Bunny Hop


Have fun with it and drop any feedback or questions you may have in the comments section.

Tell your bike I said Hi.

~ Chris

At First Glance This Looks Like Just Another Race Photo…

Hi Groovers,

Here’s a photo of me competing in a 35km Cross Country race at the weekend.

Now, while I totally sucked at the race, having not yet recovered from 6 weeks of the flu, this fantastic photo from Brad Cook emerged to brighten my day.

At first glance it looks like just another race photo…

Bundy creek crossing

But then it occurred to me that Brad has captured the perfect moment.  The ‘highest-pressure’ moment of this creek crossing.  I’ve used so many skills and techniques to get to this point.  Stuff it up here, and the next 6 metres are ruined.

What’s in the next 6 metres?

First, let me take you back about 66 metres, to the approach to the creek.   That’s where the fun begins.  And that’s where you’ll find the start of the real story that’s hidden in this picture.

“I’m heading towards my favourite part of the 7.5 kilometre race lap… 

The creek crossing and pinch climb.  The pressure of doing it right, with speed and control, excites me.

It’s the thrill of hammering the creek, all water and noise, then snapping immediately left on exit to power with speed up the greasy and very steep pinch climb in one seamless and smooth effort.

Stuff it up through the creek, and you’ll lose the momentum you need for an easy climb.   And I hate walking up climbs.  So here’s what I do:

  • Dropper down early, perhaps 60 metres before the creek at about 30-35 km/hr.  Pumping the bike over the downhill rollers on my approach,
  • Looking perhaps 20 to 25 metres ahead, searching for the big tree down near the creek.  That’s my marker.
  • Relax, I tell myself.  Shoulders down, chest wide, fluid arms and legs.  Body low.  Floating my head over the rollers to smooth my vision.  Focusing on timing what comes next to perfection (hopefully!).

Shortly, I shift to second gear (or was it third?), in preparation for the pinch climb.   I do this while I’m rolling downhill, well before the shade near the creek.

All the way down I straighten my line through the slightly snaking trail as I brake lightly to set my entry speed.  When the creek appears I’ll line up for a far right entry.  This will set me up for a wide entry into the lefthand turn after the creek.

I tell myself to relax again.  Then I,

  • Release the front brake and relax for the oncoming roots, drop my heels a touch, then
  • I hit the water at about 20 km/hr.  Soaking up the shock of the super square-edged root just at water’s edge, then
  • Mostly using the water to slow my speed for the turn, I add just a touch of rear brake.  (See photo)

Notice my left thumb is at the ready on the dropper switch?  I’m also raising my bum for when I hit ‘saddle-up’  as the rear wheel exits.

As well as that, I’m

  • Using one finger braking for relaxed grip and maximum control.  And,
  • I’m leading the bike out of the water and into the turn with my eyes.  Just about to eye further left up the climb.

Just after this photo, I’m fully off the rear brake.  Then,

  • I’ll smoothly engage the chain by matching my pedal speed to my momentum,
  • Then it’s sharp turn left and full power to the pedals halfway around the turn.  Just like on an uphill switchback.  Then,
  • I power up the climb with momentum, using the Chest and Nose technique and a smooth pedaling motion for maximum traction and control.

What a blast!  So much going on.  So much to get right.  So many words hidden within.

And now that you know the full story, that creek crossing looks much more exciting, doesn’t it?

(Big thanks to Brad Cook for a great photo!)

Somewhere on your trails you might have a section just like that.  Here’s a catalog of the video tutorials for most of the skills I used in that 66 metres. 

  • here – How to Use a Dropper Post to harness your full riding potential
  • here – How to Scan the trail ahead
  • here – Head Float technique for rough terrain
  • here – 22 Gear Shifting Do’s and Don’ts
  • here – One Finger Braking
  • here – Front Braking technique
  • here – Thigh Stop control technique
  • here – The Magic of the Heel Drop
  • here – 7 ways to Pedal Smarter
  • here – How to Ride Switchbacks better
  • here – The Chest and Nose steep climbs technique
  • here – How to Pedal up Loose and Slippery Climbs

Enjoy and share them with your friends!


Choose One: Live Show 20 or my Best Skill Video yet

Hi Groover,

It’s not often that I brag about some ‘great’ skill video that I’ve made, but this week I’ve got to.

You see, last week’s new video ‘How to Use a Dropper Post’ is one of my finest creations.  Well, that’s what I think anyway.  But, you be the judge.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

Watch Live Show Episode 20 HERE


Watch How to Use a Dropper Post to Harness Your Full Riding Potential HERE

Live Show 20 is full of awesome tips and techniques. But my dropper post video WILL change your life on the trails. Believe it. What you’ll learn is that good! And it’s that important to your mountain biking.

Believe You Can

  • I don’t want to hear you say ‘I can’t afford a dropper post’ or ‘I’m 56.  I’m too old to do that.’
  • What I do want to hear is ‘I CAN watch the video. And I will follow the 6 Week Guide.’

Believe You Don’t

  • You don’t need a dropper to start and age isn’t an excuse (unless your knees are banged up!)

Believe You Want

  • You want to ride better, or easier, or faster, or funner.  Or all of that put together.
  • The new Dropper Post video and tutorial is your Guide to that destination

Believe You Will

  • Get committed.  Find your L.A.P. and follow the Guide to the letter.  Let’s get this party started!
  • You will be amazed by how much more confidence and control you’ll find in just 6 weeks.


Watch the How to Use a Dropper Post Skill Video HERE


Have fun with it and send me any questions or comments you have.

~ Chris


ps.  Guess why the Guide is so comprehensive?  ‘Cause it’s so damn important that you get it right.

Pass this opportunity by, and you’ll be closing the door on so much more you can become.


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How to use a Dropper Post to harness Your Full Riding Potential – Plus: Your New Dropper

Hi Groovers,

It’s no secret that I love dropper posts.

Droppers really are a major key to more fun, skill, speed, control and confidence on the trails.

But you’ve got to know how to use a dropper post to it’s full potential, before you can find yours.

Click the link below to find out how to use a dropper post to harness your Full Riding Potential.


How to Use a Dropper Post to harness Your Full Riding Potential


At the link you’ll find:

  • the brand new 3-minute Dropper Post video
  • a crazy cheap Dropper Post deal MTBtips has negotiated exclusively for the Groover Community, so you can ride better, sooner
  • The Complete Dropper Post Riding, Racing and Training Techniques guaranteed to help you harness your full potential on the trails

I’m sure you’ll love these tips and find that a dropper truly will help you mountain bike better.  Please click Like and Share this post with your friends.


~ Chris

MTB Tips Live Show 19 – Rebound, Bike Wipes, Prize Draw and more

Hi Groovers,

I’ve got several juicy and unusual tips to help you mountain bike better this week.

Take a peek here at MTB Tips Live Show 19

What’s in this episode? Rebound settings, baby bike wipes, the $50 subscriber prize draw for March and more!

Enjoy, and share it with your friends.

The next MTBtips Skills Video is just around the corner…

~ Chris