How to use a Dropper Post to harness Your Full Riding Potential – Plus: Your New Dropper

Hi Groovers,

It’s no secret that I love dropper posts.

Droppers really are a major key to more fun, skill, speed, control and confidence on the trails.

But you’ve got to know how to use a dropper post to it’s full potential, before you can find yours.

Click the link below to find out how to use a dropper post to harness your Full Riding Potential.


How to Use a Dropper Post to harness Your Full Riding Potential


At the link you’ll find:

  • the brand new 3-minute Dropper Post video
  • a crazy cheap Dropper Post deal MTBtips has negotiated exclusively for the Groover Community, so you can ride better, sooner
  • The Complete Dropper Post Riding, Racing and Training Techniques guaranteed to help you harness your full potential on the trails

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~ Chris

MTB Tips Live Show 19 – Rebound, Bike Wipes, Prize Draw and more

Hi Groovers,

I’ve got several juicy and unusual tips to help you mountain bike better this week.

Take a peek here at MTB Tips Live Show 19

What’s in this episode? Rebound settings, baby bike wipes, the $50 subscriber prize draw for March and more!

Enjoy, and share it with your friends.

The next MTBtips Skills Video is just around the corner…

~ Chris

Updated Tire Buying Guide: Choose the Best Mountain Bike Tires for You

Hi Groovers,

I’ve updated the MTBtips Tire Buying Guide.  A very helpful and straight forward guide to help you choose the best mountain bike tires for you.

Come and see why it has been shared over 5,000 times!


Click HERE to see the updated Tire Buying Guide


mountain bike tires

Wherever you are, have a great week on the trails.

~ Chris

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3 Most Recent MTBtips Videos:


Get it Right Every Time: How to Straighten Your Handlebars and Adjust Your Headset in 1 minute

Hi Groovers,

It’s a simple task, but it can get us angry and cross-eyed trying to do it right!

Watch the new one minute video to see how easy it is to straighten your handlebars and adjust your headset when you know the best way.


Watch the 1 Minute Video HERE  watch it now – it will come in real handy one day soon ;)


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Have an awesome weekend on the trails.

~ Chris

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6 REAL Reasons Why a New Bike Makes You a Better Mountain Biker

Hi Groovers,

A LOT of you have been asking:

‘Do I need a new bike?’     ‘What Bike should I buy?’    ‘Is a new bike worth it?’

and ‘Will it really make me a better mountain biker?’

Watch this short video (2:55) to hear my answers and see some very, very sweet looking bikes.

Enjoy that new bike!

~ Chris


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7 Simple Ways to Make Your Mountain Bike Better this Weekend

Hi Groovers,

Here are 7 simple ways to show your bike some love and make it ride better this weekend. Remember, if you love your bike, it will love you back and you’ll mountain bike better.

Do a couple of these in ten minutes or less, then reap the rewards on your next ride.

(click the links for video and steps)

  1. Give it a simple 3-minute wash after each ride.  Yes.
  2. Don’t want to wash it?  Then, at least clean and lube your suspension and your dropper post
  3. Fit a new chain.  The sound and smoothness of a new chain is pure bliss.
  4. Stop squealing.  Clean and adjust your disc brakes, or at least check for pad wear before it’s too late
  5. Fitting new pads?  Follow this Pad Break-in Procedure to ensure optimum pad performance
  6. Check your tubeless sealant.  Yep, it’s that time again, Groover.  Nobody wants to hear you cry when you’re stranded with dry sealant.
  7. Fix that squeaky seat, post or tight seat post clamp with this Super Tip.



  1. Wear earplugs.

Say Hi to your bike for me.

AND Save your ears and another bike from cruelty by sharing this list with your mates. ;)

~ Chris

MTB Tips Live Show 18 – 5 Prizes, 5 Go-Fast Tips, 5 minutes

Hi Groovers,

Here’s another 5 minutes of solid gold goodness.  Click below to watch MTB Tips Live Show 18.


Click HERE to watch Live Show 18


What’s in this episode? Five vouchers to give away PLUS a heap of Go-Faster tips to help you mountain bike better!

Find out how to unclip with speed, how to avoid pedal strike, my Top 5 Tips for your first race season and more.

Enjoy and share with your friends.

~ Chris

Can you do the SPLIT? Hint: It’s a Cornering Technique you will love

Hi Groovers,

You’re going to love this tip!

Click the link below to watch how a simple line change to effectively ‘Split’ or ‘Separate’ two obstacles in the same place, leads to greater control, momentum and efficiency.

Use this cornering technique on your next ride!  And if you love it, please click Like and Share this video with your friends.


Watch the SPLIT Cornering Technique HERE (2mins 50secs)


Any questions or comments?  Drop them HERE and I’ll do my best to help.

I really do hope this tip helps you mountain bike better.
~ Chris

The Eye Boost, Power Surge and other Key Switchback Skills – PLUS watch me Crash!

Hi Groovers,

Better switchback skills are only 4 minutes away.

Click the link below to learn the Eye Boost, Power Surge, and other Key techniques for your best switchback skills ever. Lock them into your mind and you’ll switchbacks better, every time, every ride!

PLUS, I’ll also show you what not to do.  Watch me crash as I show you how not to brake down a switchback.  Ouch, that hurt!


Watch How to Ride Switchbacks on a Mountain Bike Better


And, if you can spare two minutes, drop me a comment on Youtube and Share or Like the video to keep MTBtips rollin’.

Enjoy the trails.  ~ Chris


Ps.  Keep a look out next week for a new ‘out of the ordinary’, ‘not your everyday’ skill video.  This one’s going to make you think…

I’m back, Groovers! 2 New vids: Loose Exit Technique and the S Bend-Line Change Super Tip

Hi Groovers!

I’m back on your screen with two great new 2-minute skill videos.  Use them to boost your skills on your next ride.


Watch this one first - Super Cornering Technique for Loose or Slippery Exits

then click the link near the end to watch video number two.

Or just watch video number two here: Faster S-bend Cornering and Line Change Super Tip

~ Chris


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MTB Tips Live Show 17: Dropper Posts, Devil Trails, Deadly Climbs and more!

Hi Groovers,

Several of you have been wondering:

When and how much do I use my dropper post?

How do I climb really steep trails?

What techniques would I use to ride through 20 feet of ruts, roots, logs, mud, leaves and rain?

Wonder no longer!  I answer these questions and more in Live Show 17.  Check it out!

Watch MTB Tips Live Show 17 HERE

~ Chris