Only a few hours left to grab your MTBtips T-shirt or Jersey

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There are only a few hours left to grab a sweet MTBtips jersey or shirt perk.

Get your Perks HERE before it all closes

Exciting things are just around the corner for MTBtips, so make sure you’re a part of it!

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Order Your Jersey and T-shirts NOW! MTBtips is Live on Indiegogo

Hi Groovers,

MTBtips has launched on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo!  So, now’s the time to order your t-shirts, jersey, shorts and more to help the website that helps you mountain bike better.

Click HERE for the MTBtips Indiegogo campaign

IGG launch YT thumbnail


Please click the link and take action *Today*.  This is important.

Your immediate support gets the campaign off to a stronger start which:

  • makes more people take notice and perhaps contribute themselves, and;
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If there’s one time MTBtips needs Your help, it’s right now.

So, please do this for me (it only takes a few minutes):

  1. Click through to the campaign
  2. Make a pledge and grab your perks
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Click HERE for the MTBtips Indiegogo campaign

Thank you so much.  With your support MTBtips can grow into the future and help even more riders everywhere, mountain bike better.

~ Chris


MTB Tips Live Show 25: New Jerseys, T-shirts, Prize Draw, Q and A Gold

Hi Groovers,

Live Show 25 has got me excited!

(might have something to do with my first ever double-strength coffee I had before the show…)

But anyway, hyperactivity aside, Watch Live Show 25 here to find out about the new MTBtips cycling kit, new t-shirts, the August prize draw winner and of course, a stack of answers to your great mountain biking questions.

And if you can spare me a minute:

Please let me know what you think about the new kit and if it’s something you’d like to wear. I’m really keen to hear your thoughts.


Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 3.09.13 AM


Got a question for Live Show 26? Send it in.

The best way to get my attention is via MTBtips on Facebook or the comments section under your favourite MTBtips Youtube video.

Watch MTB Tips Live Show 25 here


~ Chris

How to Scan the Trail Like a Pro: The 4 Techniques You Need to Know

Hi Groovers,

Ignore this post at your peril!

Mt Perry tree Chris

(click image or HERE to view larger image)

Scanning, or reading the trail is what we all do as we’re riding along on our mountain bike.  It’s the act of looking ahead to see what’s coming up next.  Then, interpreting what we see, and making decisions to adapt as best we can.

But, there are good and bad ways to scan the trail.  And as always, HOW you do it is what makes the difference!  Here are the Top 4 Techniques you need to know, to scan like a Pro:

  1. The Golden Rule of Mountain Biking
  2. Judge Quickly and Dismiss Often
  3. Ride Hungry
  4. Ride Everything

Do not underestimate the difference proper scanning technique will make to your riding!

Read on to find out how to apply these techniques to sky-rocket your skills, confidence, safety and capability. And make sure you check out the When and Where to Look Guide further down the page, too.

Any questions? Send them in.

1. Use the Golden Rule of Mountain Biking

It’s the number 1 rule of mountain biking, “Look where you want your wheels to go, not at what you want to miss”.  Easy to say, hard to do.  Especially if you’re a beginner mountain biker tacking rough terrain.

Another way to think of this rule is ‘Your wheels will follow your eyes’.  Sure, your hands are holding the handlebar, but it’s your eyes that steer the bike, not your hands!

Picture This:

There’s a huge rut on the left side of the trail up ahead, but you’ve chosen a line or path on the right.  If you keep your focus on the right side read more

6 Evils: Could These Nasties Be Stopping Your Fun?

Hi Groovers,

Mountain Biking is so much more fun when we’ve got the skills and capability to ride over anything.

What Evil obstacles are stopping you on the trails?

Click the links to rid yourself of Evil and conquer the trails this weekend.


How to Ride Rock GardensRevolting Rock Gardens

click here to watch

How to Ride Rock Gardens in 6 Simple Steps


Better Switchbacks in 4 minutesSpiteful Switchbacks

click here to watch

Better Switchbacks Up and Down in 4 Minutes


How to Ride Log RolloversLoathsome Log Rollovers

click to watch

How to Ride Roll-overs in 2 Minutes


How to Cruise Through SandStinky Sand

click to watch

How to Cruise Through Sand in 3 Easy Steps


Ride Trees and Gaps Super fastTerrible Tight Trees

click to watch

How to Ride Through Trees and Gaps Super Fast


How to Bunny HopVicious Logs and Small Animals :)

click to watch

How to Bunny Hop – The Best Step-by-step Method


Have fun with these and…

please Share them with your friends to help them mountain bike better, too.

~ Chris


MTB Tips Live Show 24: Prize Draw, Quick Tips and Your Questions Answered

Hi Groovers,

It’s that time again: The monthly $50 Chain Reaction Cycles prize draw and a heap of your questions answered, including:

‘Does Sadde Stopping mean using your bum to stop the rear end bouncing too high?’

– Paddy McNasty, via How to Ride Up Stairs on a MTB

‘Hey Chris, what’s the longest race you ever did?

– Javed, via Faster Cornering: S-Bend and Line Change Super Tip

‘How do you snap the rear wheel? That’s the hard part.’

– trotanium13, via How to bunny Hop – The Best Step-by-step Guide


Get it all here: MTB Tips Live Show 24 (5m58s)

MTB tips Live Show 24


~ Chris

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How to Ride Lines that Nobody Else Sees

Hi Groovers,

It’s Line Choice week at MTBtips.

Monday’s new release was the Straight Lining video, and

Today’s new release is all about Secret Lines: How to Ride Lines that Nobody Else Sees.

So many gains can be made by riding better lines on the trail. Better speed, flow, control and adaptability come to mind.

So what are you waiting for?  Get your gains below:


Watch the *new* How to Ride Lines that Nobody Else Sees video HERE (2:52)

How to Ride Lines Nobody Else Sees video

and if you missed it,


check out Monday’s Straight Lining video HERE (2:32)

Straight Lining MTB Technique

Share them with your friends, or maybe not. Especially if you want to have the edge over them on the trails!

~ Chris

Have a Look at what Straight Lining Can Do For You: 3 Quick Examples

Hi Groovers,

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference.

Click the link to watch how Straight-Lining 3 different sections of trail (Up, Down and Along) can make a very noticeable difference to your speed, flow and efficiency.


3 Ways You Can Straight Line for More Speed, Flow and Efficiency (2m32s)

Straight Lining Technique

If you’re not a Straight-Liner, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much difference it makes.

Not only can it give you more speed, flow and efficiency, but it helps you think better on the bike, too!

Find out how, then hit the trails with it. I’m keen to hear how much fun this new technique brings to your mountain biking.

~ Chris


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How to Beat Pre-Race Nerves: 6 Winning Strategies – includes Downloadable Checklist
MTBtips Live Show 23
How to Climb Up Stairs on a Mountain Bike

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How to Beat Pre Race Nerves : 6 Winning Strategies PLUS Downloadable Pre-Race Checklist

Hi Groovers,

How to Beat Pre Race Nerves

When kept under control, pre-race nerves are a good thing.

A little nervousness before the race helps focus your energy and thoughts on the task ahead.  This maximizes your chances of a great race start, which sets the foundation for a more enjoyable race and a better race result.


If those nerves get the better of you, they could turn into anxiety and a serious case of nervousness.  If that happens, your race can start to come undone before you get anywhere near the start line.

And we don’t want that!

Click the links below to learn how to Beat Pre Race Nerves with 6 Simple Strategies.


Go straight to the 2m36s video HERE or,

if you’d rather read first, click How to Beat Pre Race Nerves – The Complete Guide


Don’t forget to download the Pre Race Checklist PDF on the same page – includes simple guidelines to create your own Checklist.

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I’m glad you opened this message, and I really hope it helps you in your next mountain bike race.

~ Chris

MTB Tips Live Show 23: Racing, Tire Guide and Code, Squeaky Saddles, Popping Fork Seals and more

Hi Groovers,

Live Show 23’s Hot Topics include:

  • The new Tire Selection Video Guide (and discount code which expires very soon)
  • A classic tip to help you get rid of the squeaks
  • Three short tips that viewers have used to race faster

Plus a couple of Fork Cleaning and Clipless Pedal questions answered.

It’s less than 5 minutes of Golden MTB Goodness that will help you mountain bike better, so check it out!


Watch MTB Tips Live Show 23 HERE (4:51)


While you’re at MTBtips, please share a video with a friend. The MTBtips Youtube Channel has nearly reached 5 Million views. Every view counts and I’d love to hit The Big 5 by the weekend, but I need your help to make it happen!

Enjoy the Live Show and please say Hi to your bike for me.

~ Chris

Video Surprise: New Tire Buying Guide and discount code for All Groovers

Hi Groovers,

how to choose mountain bike tires

My new, 6 Step Tire Buying Video Guide is a bit like one of those Kinder Surprise chocolates: what you can see is a real treat, and then there’s a hidden surprise, too!


Watch ‘How to Choose Mountain Bike Tires : Simple 6 Step Guide’ HERE

Click through to the new 4-minute Tire Buying Guide and surprise yourself.  A special discount code on ALL bike tires for the MTBtips Community awaits.

Share or Email friends: use the buttons below to help them choose the right tires and ride better!

Enjoy!  ~ Chris

p.s. The code expires at 12pm (BST) on 29th July. Better be quick!