Motivation for Mountain Biking

Here are a few practical tips and tricks you can use to get yourself inspired and motivated to ride when you’re feeling low or lazy.

They’re good for any ride, but for me they really come in handy when my motivation hits some dead patches during those heavy race training months for the big races.

See, I’m just like the next person.  Most of the time I can’t wait to go for my next mountain bike ride, but sometimes I’m low on motivation and just couldn’t be bothered getting on the bike.  So, I start thinking of excuses not to ride.  And sometimes it takes more than the voice in my head to pull me out of the lull and get me moving.

And that’s when my tricks of self-motivation and my excuses to ride come in handy.  And maybe they’re just what you need right now to inspire you back onto the bike…

Tricks to Motivate

Remember:  You will be feeling lazy at the time, so you’ll need to learn to push those lazy thoughts to the side in your mind and say, “Right!  I must force myself to do one of these things to find some inspiration and get my attitude out of this hole.”

Simple things like:

  • Grabbing your copy of the latest mountain bike magazine and reading a few articles for some inspiration. Mountain Bike Action is always a good read.
  • Watching a mountain biking dvd.  The Collective and Roam: The Collective 2 are two of my all-time favorite mountain biking movies.  Watch one of those and I bet you won’t even get halfway through the movie before you’re reaching for your bike for a ride.
  • Grab a good autobiography by one of your favorite sports stars.  A few chapters of their challenges and triumphs could be all it takes for you to say “Hey, I want that success in my life.  I want to do that.  I want to get better and stronger.  Now, where’s my bike?”

Flick the Switch to ‘Go’

When that tap on the shoulder comes don’t stop to think about it too much.   Just flick that switch in your mind to ‘go’ and take the first step and do something to get re-invigorated.

And if none of those float your boat, why not try one of my excuses to ride.  All they are is simple rewards you’ll give yourself if you do what you know you should be doing.

New Excuses to Ride

Just say you’re training for that mountain bike race and your goal is to ride 200kms per week, or maybe you want to start improving your endurance by going for an epic 80 kilometre Sunday ride.  Well, why not give yourself some incentive to reach those goals?

Why not spoil yourself with your favorite takeaway dinner each Sunday night after you’ve hit 200 kms for the week, or knocked over that 80 kilometre epic?

But remember, if you haven’t met your goals, then there’s no treat.  No chinese takeaway.  Cheat and you’ll only weaken your resolve and nothing good will come of it.

Ride-In Movie

Another excuse to ride can be the chance to watch a movie. I enjoy watching the latest release action movies, so I have this deal with myself that I’ll only watch a movie if I’m on the stationary bike trainer.  So, every week I get to watch a new movie.  Awesome!…so long as I’m on the bike trainer, though.  Headphones required!

Or are You just like Me and…

Are you like me and find those Musashi chocolate flavored protein drinks tasty?

Yep.  Well, remind yourself you’ll pour one of those as a reward for that mid week mountain bike ride or hill training session.

Sure you’ve had big day at work, but so has everybody.  So, ignore the excuses and give yourself the extra incentive that you need.  Sure you could just drink one now and not ride at all, but you know you’re only cheating yourself.

Addicted to iTunes?

Then give yourself a two-song download reward for getting off the couch and onto the bike.  But, for Pete’s sake, whatever you do…

…make it work for you.  Find your vice, that little treat that you love, and make it your new reward.  And,

Most Importantly

Make a handshake deal with yourself when you’re in a happy, full of life mood, as to what you’ll use as inspiration when that negativity comes knocking.

Same goes for the rewards.  Agree on your incentives when you’re in a positive frame of mind, so that next time when laziness starts setting in, you’ll know deep down what it is you promised yourself as reward for meeting your goals.

Make the deals and get inspired!