7 Ways You Can Pedal Smarter to Mountain Bike Faster

Mountain bike faster with these 7 Smart Pedaling tips:

  1. Pedal more, Roll less.  Pedal more where you would usually roll, like through dips, across bridges or between obstacles.
  2. Accelerate out of corners as early as possible. Gear shift before rolling a corner, then instantly accelerate out of the corner as soon as you possibly can.
  3. Learn your Lean Angle -the maximum angle you can lean while pedaling.  Then you can pedal more corners, especially sweeping ones like in the video below, without fear of pedal strike.
  4. Pedal the moment you’re clear. Pause your pedaling over log roll-overs and other obstacles only for the split second you need to. Once you’re clear and in control, get back on the gas!
  5. Pedal over low obstacles. Know your pedal clearance so you can pedal continuously over small logs, roots and rougher terrain that you’d normally roll.  Rise off the saddle just for the split second you need to absorb each bump.  Then sit down fast if you need full weight on the rear wheel for traction.
  6. Pedal the approach to every rise. Don’t wait for the climb to slow you down before you start pedalling in earnest.  Even for the smallest climb, pedal the approach to maximise your momentum before the climb starts taking your speed away.
  7. Pedal smooth, not stomping. Rather than stomping on loose and slippery terrain, pedal smoothly to maximize your traction and control.  Pull back up and around after each down-stroke, to deliver smooth and constant power to the wheel.  Works a treat on sand, mud and up loose climbs. 90-second Smooth Pedaling Technique video here.

Watch the video below for these 7 Pedaling Tips in Action

We’re only talking split second gains with each tip, but all those seconds and extra chunks of speed and momentum add up.  You’ll mountain bike faster, with so much more flow and momentum.

Mountain Bike Faster, Sooner with Bonus Tip Number 8:

8. How to build your endurance for pedaling more of the time you’re mountain biking:

If you do a lot of rolling (or coasting) on the trails, start cycling the cranks around during those moments, even downhill.  Don’t add too much pedal pressure at first, because your fitness will have to catch up, too.  Just work on the habit of keeping your legs busier for more of the time.

Then, with each new ride start powering the pedals more, instead of lightly cycling the cranks.  Within weeks your endurance will develop, your pedaling habits will change, and you’ll mountain bike faster.  You’ll start riding further and pedal more of the trail, with more momentum and ease.  It only gets better from here!

In this video, Chris is using these Schwalbe tires, these Crank Brothers pedals and this Dropper Seat Post.

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