4 high performance low cost skill boosters

Sometimes it’s the small things that make a big difference and help you mountain bike better.  Here are 4 high performance, low cost upgrades you shouldn’t ride without. Don’t underestimate how much better these items will help you ride.

1. 700mm+ barhere’s one for less than $30

- The days of narrow bars (under 680mm) for 5 foot 7 inch and taller riders with average reach is over.
- A 700mm or wider bar will give you increased confidence and control, especially in rough and high speed situations, where better bike control really counts.
- Sure, the trees will be a little closer, but you can get better at riding through them here.

2. ODI lock-on handlebar grips- I use the ODI Troy Lee version

- An old favourite. ODI grips are made using just the right consistency rubber, and my hands/gloves don’t slip.
- Meaning you can ride with a more relaxed hold on the bar to generate better flow on the trails. BINGO! Better performance.

3. Grippy, quality tires – upgrade cost $20+

- Not all tires are created equal and no one tire does everything well, so match your tires to your riding conditions.
- Follow this 5 Step Guide to choosing the right mountain bike tires.  Here is one of my favorite all rounder tires.

4. Comfortable Helmet with retention system – cost $70+

- It’s not the most exciting purchase, but a good helmet makes a huge difference to your performance.
- How?  By letting you focus on the trails, instead of being distracted by some annoying, wobbly thing strapped to your head.
- Flick that crappy helmet and get a comfortable one that has an adjustable retention system like this one.

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