Beginner Tips

So the mountain bike bug has got you and you’re hooked. You can’t wait for your next ride and you can’t wait to get better. GREAT.  Mtbtips is here to help you with…

Easy to learn beginner mountain biking tips

Mtbtips beginner mountain biking tips and techniques are designed to deliver you the clearest, most easy to understand mountain biking tips on the net.  That means you’ll learn the mountain biking basics faster and develop more speed, confidence and control sooner to really start enjoying the challenges and excitement that mountain biking has to offer.

How To Read the Trail Ahead – believe it or not, the most basic of mountain biking skills is often done wrong!  Learn how to correctly read any trail and adjust to the trail conditions so you can ride faster, safer and smoother.  What should you look for and what should you ignore on the trail?  It’s all here, including the Golden Rule of Mountain Biking that every beginner mountain biker should know.

How To Corner on a Mountain Bike – learn how to corner on a mountain bike with speed, control and finesse. Do you know the six crucial parts to good mountain bike cornering technique? Find out here

How To Climb Hills on a Mountain Bike – this really is the key to learning how to climb hills on a mountain bike.  Two rarely told tips that will accelerate your hill climbing strength and skill dramatically.  Start climbing better here

How To Shift Gears on a Mountain Bike – learn how to shift gears on a mountain bike properly, including tips for better gear shifting speed and efficiency, what gears to choose and when, and how to shift smoothly for better …read more

How to Ride with a Good Chain Line – one of the most important beginner skills you’ll ever learn! But nobody seems to talk about it. Find out how it makes you go faster on a mountain bike here

How To Ride Drops on a Mountain Bike – learn how to ride drops and slopes on a mountain bike with total control.  The roll-out, the route, the line.  Find out what they are and why these mtb tips make riding drops on a mountain bike so much easier to learn here

How to ride over a log or thin bridge on a mountain bike – You may not think you can, but after reading this guide you’ll realise you can do it.  Just follow these safe, simple steps that show you how to easily advance your mountain biking skills and confidence so you can ride a mountain bike over a log, plank or bridge in a matter of days.

Six Simple Ways to Get Better at Mountain Biking – six beginner mountain biking tips you wish you were told ages ago.  Want to know how to get better on a mountain bike?  Why not try the Pressure Play or the Happy Feet tips here

How to Choose the Right Mountain Bike Tires – These five systematic steps will give you the confidence to know how to choose the right mountain bike tires for you, every time.  Read more here

What to Carry When Mountain Biking – sixteen things you should carry when mountain biking, including the Famous Four essential items that will save your ride one day.  Do you carry all these?

How to Choose the Right Mountain Bike for You – in 6 easy steps. Read this before your next mountain bike purchase!

Mountain Biking Etiquette – What you need to know to get the best out of this great sport.

Mountain Bike Racing Etiquette – Mountain biking is quite a unique sport, so it’s no surprise that mountain bike racing attracts its own unique mountain bike racing etiquette.  Following this guide will help you enjoy your racing experiences as much as possible.