Master Your Climbing Skills

The story so far…

…you’ve got very good basic mountain biking climbing skills.  Then you checked out the mtb tips advanced mountain bike climbing tips and techniques and learned even more.  Now you want to push your mountain bike climbing skills even further.  You want to be able to climb higher, steeper and more technical climbs.

You’ve obviously already developed the passion, persistence and perspective needed for tough climbs, but what more is there to learn?  What are the secrets you need to know to master your climbing skills on a mountain bike?

Mastering Your Climbing Skills

It may come as a surprise, but the answer to mastering climbing on a mountain bike is quite simple.  No real tricks or magic, just on thing…

It’s all about constantly challenging yourself.

Simple as that.  But when you look a bit deeper, you’ll find that constantly challenging yourself is a challenge in itself!

Constantly Challenging Yourself

Is all about total commitment and constant imagination.  It’s about totally committing to your goal and thinking of new ways to put yourself to the test to further develop those skills.

Commitment – Pure persistence.  Pushing those legs, and your mind, your confidence, to never give up.  Sure there will be hills that will beat you, but don’t beat yourself up.  Never put yourself down.  Just get back on the horse and try and try again.

And to keep your mind from wandering and getting a beating you will need to keep it fun.  So you need some…

Imagination – This is the fun bit!  Crazy but fun.  Imagine how you can challenge yourself.  Think extreme.  Think of new ways to put yourself to the test.  Don’t choose the easy line or the easy hills.  It’s the hard stuff you want, it’s…

The Road Less Traveled

Here are five of the best ways you can constantly challenge yourself to advance your mountain bike climbing techniques to the point of mastery, plus some Super Tips to make the journey that bit easier:

1. Climb hills one handed or with the fingertips of two hands

Climbing one-handed or with finger-tips can be a real eye-opener.  This drill will highlight

– your level of steering control and pedaling finesse

– how much balance you really have

– how much you and the bike are one

– how much energy is wasted in upper body tension and movement rather than isolating your upper body from all the power your lower needs to put to the pedals

2. Climb incredibly technical hills often

– rough and loose hills with tricky obstacles and tight turns that develop your pedaling finesse for maximum grip

– insanely steep climbs that test your chest and nose skills

3. Climb a massively long hill every now and then

– remember ‘perspective’ from the advanced climbing tips?  This will re-set your perspective.

– Don’t think about it or whinge about it.  Just do it.

4. Ten to twenty repetitions of a big hill

– navigating past the boredom of repetition with strengthen your mental toughness and develop you perspective.  You’ll learn to switch of the thoughts of boredom and pain and just get the job done.

– pick and pace will develop your efficiency for big climbs

5. Mtb tips dot com Mountain Bike Control Tips

– for better bike control and balance you can’t go past these control tips

– mountain bike tips that produce results fast

Try these four and then dream up some of your own.  Before long you’ll realise you’ve moved your mind and body to a new level.  The level of Mountain bike climbing Mastery.

Super Tips – advancing your mountain bike climbing skills that bit easier

Get comfortable. When the going gets tough your mind can start playing tricks on you.  Little things can start to annoy you and distract you from your goals.  So,

…make sure you are comfortable on the bike.  That is, make sure you are riding in good gear that’s up to the task.  Comfortable riding shoes, mountain bike helmet, and comfortable riding knicks or shorts with a good chamois.

Get grip.  Lock-on mountain bike grips and comfortable mountain bike gloves are a must.  So too are the right tires.  If your tires aren’t suited to the task, you won’t be either.  Fit tires that are suited to your riding style and trail conditions.