Advanced Tips

Boost the mountain biking skills you already have with these easy to learn advanced mountain biking tips and techniques!

These advanced mountain biking tips are your ticket to taking your mountain biking skills to the next level.  Learn how to really fine-tune your skills, learn new ones, and think your way to better mountain biking technique, speed, efficiency and fun!

Advanced Mountain Biking Tips:

Brake Just Like the Pros – learn how to brake on a mountain bike just like the pros

Corner Like You’re On Rails – learn how to corner on a mountain bike faster than ever before.  This is what makes the fast guys fast

Hill Climb Like the Pros – learn how to climb hills on a mountain bike. And we’re talking the hardest, most technically challenging hills!  Beat them by becoming a stronger and smarter hill climber.

Master Your Climbing Skill – challenge yourself and take your mountain bike climbing skills to an extraordinary level of capability

How to Ride Ruts – learn how to ride ruts.  Float and wiggle, flow like water – heard of these before?  Find out what they’re all about and how they can help you become a better rider

How to Adjust your seat height on the move – learn how to adjust your bike seat on the move.  Use this Old Skool mtb trick to adapt to sudden drops, steeps or jump sections so that you can blast through them without having to stop and lower your seat, or even worse – walk!

Think these tips won’t make a difference?  Think again. Put even a little bit of what you learn here into practice and you’ll be surprised at how easy you can improve your mountain biking skills.