The Great Idea

You know when you get a great idea and that imaginary light bulb goes on above your head?

That’s what I had.  I dream up lots of ideas.  But I worked out that they’re only any good if you do something about them.  And I really wanted to do something about this idea.  I wanted to do something to help spread the greatness of mountain biking.

So, I mixed my passion for mountain biking with some good solid action, put on my “Just Do It” Nike shirt, and…


Mtbtips.com was Born

Actually, the birth of mtbtips probably started a little further back than that…

The 10-speeder

I grew up on spindly legs pedaling my Shogun Trail Blazer 3 around on Tioga Farmer John tires.  Those were the days…

But, before the days of the Shogun 15 speeder, it was a 10 speed road bike with tires that were about an inch and a quarter wide.  I used to tell Mom I was going to school early to fit some tennis practice in before class.  But I was actually heading out bush on my trusty road bike with my mate beside me pedalling his 20 kilo 6 speed cruiser.

It Might Be Hard to Imagine,

but downhilling on a 10 speed road bike with rim brakes was sick fun.  Not a great deal of grip, or brakes though.  Steering with road bars at speed was a challenge to say the least.  But it taught me how to relax and work as one with the bike to get the best out of it.

It also taught me how to change punctures…lots of them.

But that’s all we had as 12 year olds.  No suspension.  No disk brakes.  Just lots of courage.


in those early days my love for mountain biking was born.  The tennis improved, hmm, not as much…

Chris & Eleanor

These Days,

my favorite ride is my Giant Reign X O.  I call her Eleanor.  For a good all-round blast-a-thon, she can’t be beat.  She’s a fun machine.  She keeps me fresh and open to new challenges, pushing my limits.

And that’s what mtbtips is all about…

…bringing you more fun and helping you advance your ability.  Whether you’re a beginner mountain biker or a seasoned rider, I think you’ll find some really useful mountain biking skills, tips and techniques in here that will help freshen your mind and boost your riding.

If you like what you find share it with your friends.  Comments are more than welcome.  And if you have a good tip yourself, send it through.  I’m always keen to find out new ways I can improve my mountain biking.

See you on the trails,

Chris, 2010