How to use a Dropper Post to harness Your Full Riding Potential – Plus: Your New Dropper

Hi Groovers,

It’s no secret that I love dropper posts.

Droppers really are a major key to more fun, skill, speed, control and confidence on the trails.

But you’ve got to know how to use a dropper post to it’s full potential, before you can find yours.

Click the link below to find out how to use a dropper post to harness your Full Riding Potential.


How to Use a Dropper Post to harness Your Full Riding Potential


At the link you’ll find:

  • the brand new 3-minute Dropper Post video
  • a crazy cheap Dropper Post deal MTBtips has negotiated exclusively for the Groover Community, so you can ride better, sooner
  • The Complete Dropper Post Riding, Racing and Training Techniques guaranteed to help you harness your full potential on the trails

I’m sure you’ll love these tips and find that a dropper truly will help you mountain bike better.  Please click Like and Share this post with your friends.


~ Chris

7 Responses to How to use a Dropper Post to harness Your Full Riding Potential – Plus: Your New Dropper

  1. Ken Wong says:

    hi Chris,
    thought I posted before, but maybe a tech problem on my part. Again, more great tips, I love using my dropper post, but being fairly new still I thought it was only for drop downs and steep decents, but after watching your video and reading your tips, obviously they can be used for much more. I’ll be trying those skills this week, thanks again for the great tips!

    • Chris Carter says:

      Excellent, great to hear, Ken. Yes, that was my intention – to show how a dropper can be used in many more ways than just ‘for downhill’. I’m glad it’s worked.
      Good to hear form you, mate.
      ~ Chris

  2. Micko says:

    I wish i waited 2 months to get a dropper post as not only would i got a dropper post but i would of got a nice bottle of single malt whisky for the same price! So no ‘fish’s arse not tight enough’ views from me.
    Anyway, i have to say in the couple of times i’ve been riding with it, i have felt uneasy on the bike. Probably not used to having a changeable seat height instead of a set height.

  3. mark says:

    i was waiting to read and view your dropper post info, and wondering how much of a savings we mtb tip subscribers would receive. two things were off to me right off the bat. one, the 46% off of the $500+ dropper post, when its actually more like a $55 or 20% off deal. as this post is no more than $333 anywhrere online. two, anyone who goes on chain reactions web site gets the same $277 deal if they are or are not a mtb tips subscriber. love all your tips videos, as thery have been extreemly helpful, vastly improving my riding. however i was a little disapointed with the misrepresentation of cost on chain reactions website for this dropper post. i will remain a die hard chris mtb tips fan.


    • Chris Carter says:

      Hi Mark, Thanks for the kudos.

      When I started producing the Dropper Post skill video, I got the idea to approach some companies and see if they could do a special deal for subscribers. I wanted to see if I could offer some real benefit, something special for my subscribers to help more riders realise the benefits of droppers sooner.

      Chain Reaction Cycles was the only shop that showed any interest at all in my idea and was willing to negotiate a special deal on their already low price. Other shops basically laughed at me! So, you know, there’s some kudos right there…

      What started out as an MTBtips only deal, changed by the time it went Live. I was bummed, BUT, if MTBtips and CRC had never started the conversation, the price would be $55 higher.

      Personally, I think another $55 off an already heavily discounted recommended retail price is fantastic! And, at the end of the day I am happy that it was MTBtips who pushed for that, and made it happen. Perhaps next time MTBtips will have enough clout to offer its subscribers something nobody else can :)

      I hope that clears things up, Mark.

      Thanks for subscribing.

    • Chris Carter says:

      Hey Mark,

      Perhaps CRC saw your message on the website!

      Not sure if you need to purchase a dropper or not, but they’re advertising a code on the MTBtips How to Use a dropper post page that, when added to your cart, chops another chunk off that $277!! Thought you might like to know.

      Hope it helps,


      • Ken Wong says:

        Hi Chris, thanks for the tips, like your other videos Ive learnt heaps. I mainly use the dropper going down down rock steps and down hill. I never thought about using it as extensively as you’ve advised, being a novice and still quite inexperienced (2 years serious riding) this is gold! So are all your tips, thanks so much!

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