6 REAL Reasons Why a New Bike Makes You a Better Mountain Biker

Hi Groovers,

A LOT of you have been asking:

‘Do I need a new bike?’     ‘What Bike should I buy?’    ‘Is a new bike worth it?’

and ‘Will it really make me a better mountain biker?’

Watch this short video (2:55) to hear my answers and see some very, very sweet looking bikes.

Enjoy that new bike!

~ Chris


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  1. Martin 3 years ago

    Chris, Great video as always. I have recently bought a Scalpel3 29er. Great bike, really took me to the next level. How would you recomend to set-up the rebound on the front and rear suspension?
    Also I have now found that it is more difficult to do bunny hops on this bike, any suggestions? Lastly, I would be really interested in an article on the use of dropper posts. Not sure wheather to fit one. The trails where I live have very short ups and downs but no long descents. Many thanks, Martin

    • Profile photo of Chris Carter
      Chris Carter 3 years ago

      Hi Martin,
      I recommend having the rear rebound one click slower than the front. Regarding rebound speed, it’s hard to suggest without being there myself, however, I recommend hitting a local regular trail several times, testing a different setting on each lap to find your sweet spot. Re: bunny-hops, if you’re finding it harder to hop perhaps the rebound is set too slow, which will actually decelerate your upward movement, causing the hop to be lower. (Give a sharp pump into the ground, before the upward snatch in the hop movement – you prob do this already…) Re: Droppers. Solid gold. Not just a benefit on the trail, but I also use mine as a training tool. Hopefully I’ll have the dropper vid recorded soon which will explain. Hang on for it.
      Spread the word about MTBtips for me 😉
      Cheers, Chris

  2. Andy 3 years ago

    Hi Chris. I have always been a hardtail rider, but have been out of the riding scene for several years with young children. Having just bought my first full sus i’m just getting back into it and i have just bought my first full sus bike, a Giant Trance 27.5 3 and i am inching to get back out on the trails. I have 2 questions 1. Will i need to ride differently on a full sus compared to all the hardtail riding i have done up until now to get the most out of the new bike? and 2. I have only ridden 26ers up until now, how much of a difference will i notice in the 27.5 size on my new bike? Thanks for all tips, looking forward to the dropper post video, Andy.

    • Profile photo of Chris Carter
      Chris Carter 3 years ago

      Hey Andy,

      1. That’s a big question. 2. You will notice some gains with the 27.5 for sure.

      I’d rather give you an uncomplicated answer, so here it’s is. This really is the nuts and bolts of it: No matter the bike, work on moving around on the bike, low off and on the saddle, and tune your riding style for maximum traction, control, and the most efficient use of energy.

      The dropper post vid and training tips will certainly help with that. They really are key, and shouldn’t be taken lightly if you are serious at improving.

      Not sure if you have one already but to sweeten the deal even further CRC are advertising a code on my dropper post page which, when added to your cart, drops that special price even further! Only till Tuesday. With the code, It’s a truly nuts price for that post now for sure.

      Hope this helps,


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