7 Simple Ways to Make Your Mountain Bike Better this Weekend

Hi Groovers,

Here are 7 simple ways to show your bike some love and make it ride better this weekend. Remember, if you love your bike, it will love you back and you’ll mountain bike better.

Do a couple of these in ten minutes or less, then reap the rewards on your next ride.

(click the links for video and steps)

  1. Give it a simple 3-minute wash after each ride.  Yes.
  2. Don’t want to wash it?  Then, at least clean and lube your suspension and your dropper post
  3. Fit a new chain.  The sound and smoothness of a new chain is pure bliss.
  4. Stop squealing.  Clean and adjust your disc brakes, or at least check for pad wear before it’s too late
  5. Fitting new pads?  Follow this Pad Break-in Procedure to ensure optimum pad performance
  6. Check your tubeless sealant.  Yep, it’s that time again, Groover.  Nobody wants to hear you cry when you’re stranded with dry sealant.
  7. Fix that squeaky seat, post or tight seat post clamp with this Super Tip.



  1. Wear earplugs.

Say Hi to your bike for me.

AND Save your ears and another bike from cruelty by sharing this list with your mates. 😉

~ Chris

9 Responses to 7 Simple Ways to Make Your Mountain Bike Better this Weekend

  1. Parris O'Neill says:

    My brother and I were wondering where you actually ride where the trails are?

  2. Geoff says:


    Thank you Thank you Thank you!!
    I’m never gonna be a pig pen no more!

  3. Shane Miller says:

    Outstanding web site! Your riding and maintenance tips are a great service to new and experienced riders alike. I consider mtbtips.com to be my best source of mountain biking info.

    Shane Miller
    Walla Walla, WA

  4. Mark M. says:

    Great site Chris. I found it through YouTube. I’ve been recommending it to others. I think you provide a great resource to the mountain bike community. Your ‘how-to’ videos are excellent because you clearly explain what you’re demonstrating and always have video depicting exactly what you’re talking about. Thanks and have a great ride.

  5. Cisco says:

    Nice one I like the short and easy 3 min bike wash, need to buy all that stuff first, I only gotten my bike so im new to all this and your website is a great help, thanks for putting in the work to educate people like me :)

    ride safe always

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