MTB Tips Live Show 12 – Steering, Braking, Locking, Numbing and more

Hi Groover,

Ride better this weekend with some great mountain biking tips from MTB Tips Live Show 12!

It’s full of mountain bike braking tips, control tips and fork locking tips. Plus, easy ways to boost your core strength, and simple techniques to help you relax and ride with more flow.

Watch MTB Tips Live Show Episode 12 HERE (4:10)


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Enjoy. ~ Chris

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2 Responses to MTB Tips Live Show 12 – Steering, Braking, Locking, Numbing and more

  1. Gabe W says:

    Hello Chris, I used to ride back in 2000-2005. I took quite a break. I have been riding steady now for about a year. I have a 26″ 04 Cannondale F400 medium frame. I am 5″11 tall. I think I am going to get a new bike soon and would like your opinion on what I should go for. 29er? 27.5? My budget will be around 5-600 US dollars. The Current shops around here carry, Giant, Trek, Specialized and Cannondale. I have heard some bad things about the new Cannondales. (frames cracking) What is your opinion on a 29er vs the 27.5’s? I like my 26″ but wing my pedal a lot on roots and rocks! Do you think the 27.5 would be best or do you think the 29ers offer the best bang for the buck? I am not really beginner any longer but I have not raced any yet either. I have test rode a couple of Giant Revals and Talons and like them a good bit.Our local Giant dealer offers the 27.5s in both models. I have looked at the trek Wahoos but have not rode them yet. I have really enjoyed your video’s and put a lot of the techniques to work! Thank you for your time and opinions!


    • Chris Carter says:

      Try to test ride some Treks and Specialized’s as well. Ride both 27.5 and 29s and the best bike will soon float to the top of your list, quite easily. You can’t go wrong choosing from Trek, Giant and Specialized in terms of quality. However, at $500-600 the 29er will probably be the heavier, more cumbersome feeling bike. (A few of my mates have had big troubles with Cannondales) Look for a head angle of less than 70 and be prepared to fit a stem 20mm shorter as many of those bikes come with stupidly long stems, eg. 100mm.
      Cheers. ~ Chris

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