Straight Braking and You

Here’s an essential mountain bike braking tip that gives you more control and confidence on those loose, leafy, sandy or soily downhill sections that aren’t that rough, but often very steep. So steep, that if you enter them a bit too fast, it’s almost impossible to slow down.

The type of downhill trail where lots of mountain bikers lock their rear brake at the top and skid all the way to the bottom.

Don’t let that be you. Next time you approach a section such as that, try this simple mountain bike braking tip instead.  Not only will it help you ride down that section with more control, but it will also help you adapt effortlessly to whatever comes next.

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~ Chris

4 Responses to Straight Braking and You

  1. Martin Jones says:

    Hey Chris, I’ve been watching and learning from your online site for a while now… when are we going to see you on the big tube !! SBS maybe? they already have MTB content online.

    I think we’ve all seen how to cook a chook on the TV by now, time for new content on the box…time to show the rest why we MTB :)

  2. Darren says:

    Hey Chris, you groover, can you suggest any training schedules to help go fast for more than 3 hours of continuous riding. its very hard to find any kind of training unless you pay substantial money. How do the elite rides average 25kays an hour on single track…how much training would they do a week, kays, weights etc.
    keep up the great work with the vids they are awesome and I’ve been watching for years. cheers Daz.

    • Chris Carter says:

      Hey Daz,
      Thanks for following MTBtips. I do provide skill development and performance training programs, but only in-person for local riders in my home town at this stage (i.e. not online). Performance training/coaching is quite a complex subject. To be of true benefit it involves a great deal of knowledge, time, communication, monitoring, and commitment from the trainer/coach. That’s why you’ll see high fees for coaching services.
      ~ Chris

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