MTB Tips Live Show Ep 9 – Clipless vs Flats, Sand Tire Tips, Gloves and Grips

MTB Tips Live Show Episode 9 is jam-packed!  Here are a few of the questions that get answered in this week’s 5-minute show:

‘Chris, do you have any videos on advantages and tips on why and how to use clipless pedals on mountain bikes?  I am a newby with clipless but not comfortable with them I also seem to be faster without them.

– Lou, Youtube How to Heel Drop for Better Downhill Control

‘Hey Chris, I have a real sandy race coming up.  Would you recommend a more aggressive tire or a more bald tire?

– Andrew, Youtube Live Show Ep7 – Growling Dogs, Collarbone Crashes and more

‘Hey Chris, what gloves do you use? I have XL hands and I do like gel padding, although I have never tried ones without.  Which do you think are better?

– TheNinjapandapoo, Youtube How to Ride a Log Roll-over in 2 minutes


And keep an eye on your inbox later in the week for the latest MTB Tips video. It’s going to be a good one, on a topic perhaps unexpected…but one that many viewers have been asking for.

You’ll find my answers and more in MTB Tips Live Show 9:

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  1. Doug Rierdan says:

    Hi Chris

    I was wondering if you could do a video on Maintenance

    Specifically, a schedule of when to check, adjust, rebuild, or replace


    Doug in San Diego

    PS Love your videos, I have learned a lot!

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