Proper Shift and Brake Lever Setup for One Finger Braking

It’s vital that your brake and shifter controls are set up Finger-Friendly so you don’t have to guess or look or stretch your fingers awkwardly to operate the levers.

Use the 3-minute video guide below to position your controls perfectly for better shifting and One Finger Braking.  What have you got to lose?

You’ll brake and shift more intuitively, and ride more relaxed, with more confidence and control.

Click to see Why You’ll Ride Better with One Finger Braking

Click to see How to use the Front Braking technique

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  1. Tracy McManus 3 years ago

    Thanks for putting these up on Youtube. I just got into trail riding last year (I’m 38, better late than never)and your videos have been a great help in my skill development. I’d like to start doing some of my own maintenance. I don’t have any special tools yet, and was wondering what kind of maintenance (and what type of tools) would be good for a beginner to start with? I still plan to take my bike into my LBS for regular maintenance,but I’d love to be able to do some myself (and I think it would help me get to know my bike better.

    • Profile photo of Chris Carter
      Chris Carter 3 years ago

      Hi Tracy,
      Yep, learning to do your own maintenance will certainly help you get to know your bike better. Give me a week and I’ll cover some tools and basic maintenance in the next Live Show – Ep5.
      ~ Chris

  2. Lou 3 years ago

    Thanks Chris. You always provide solid timely information that helps keep the MTB community informed and educated.


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