Outdoor Lab Test: 20 Percent Faster with 1 Simple Tip

Last week I published the video ‘7 Ways You Can Pedal Smarter to Mountain Bike Faster‘.  And, even though the video has been well received, it got me thinking…

How can I prove that these tips really work?  Well, my latest 3 minute video below is just that.  Proof that the Pedal more, Roll less tip CAN make you faster.  Considerably faster!

Click the video to see me race against the clock twice up a double S-bend climb on my local trail.  On the first run I roll each of the five dips on the way to the top, just like many mountain bikers do.  But on the second run…well, have a look for yourself to see the result!

It surprised me and I’m sure it will surprise you.

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  1. Andrew Snaden says:

    I’m entering an Enduro race at the end of the month and I was hoping you would comment on strategy. It’s as many laps as you can do in 390 minutes. It’s a 10 km course. Right now I average about 60 minutes a lap. So in theory, I could do 6 laps with 30 minutes left over. What I’m wondering is it better for me to not rest between laps and ride at a slower pace and burn less energy – say 65 minutes a lap, or try to ride faster, and rest more between laps. I’m confused about whether keep moving at a slower pace is a better energy management strategy vs moving faster and resting. I’m aware of refueling and I do refuel as I ride. Thx so much.

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