The ‘Head Float’ Mountain Bike Control Tip for Surprise Rough Trail

Here’s a mountain bike control tip for those times when you get surprised by a section of rough trail that literally wants to throw you off your bike.

You know the scenario:  You’re riding along having a good time, then all of a sudden out of nowhere are some rocks, roots or ruts on the trail that you didn’t see.  The surprise makes you panic.  Your natural instinct kicks in and you instantly grab the brakes, and…

…everything shakes to a dead stop.  Or maybe just a slow.  Either way it’s hard to get going again, or keep the little momentum you have left.  And you think to yourself, ‘I wish I had the skill to ride through that, instead of panic’.

Well, here’s the skill.  All nicely packaged for you in a short and sweet 2 minute video:

(If you’d rather read about it you can view the written tutorial here.)

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