Mental toughness and why Right Now is SO important

Mountain biking can be hot, hard and frustrating at times, especially when you get stuck at a really tricky section of trail that you just can’t seem to ride. But, just because the trail made you struggle and stop, doesn’t mean you’ll always struggle on that section of trail, so don’t tell yourself you’re defeated, with words like:

‘This climb is impossible’
‘That downhill is way too steep’
‘That rock garden is too rough’
‘My gear shifting is terrible’
‘I’m hopeless at cornering’

…and the list goes on.

Instead, keep your thoughts positive and your mind open to the path of success, by adding a simple little phrase to the end of each negative thought to turn it positive.

Something like this:

‘This climb is impossible…Right Now, but I’m getting better and one day soon I’ll do it’


‘That downhill is way too steep…Right now, but I’m getting better and one day soon I’ll do it’

Get the picture?

Sure, you couldn’t ride up, down, or over it today and you might not succeed next time either. But, you will succeed one day, as long as you keep that door to success open by keeping a positive state of mind and riding within your limits of ability. If you close that door with defeatist thoughts, you might as well stay at home on the couch.

Adding your ‘Right Now’ phrase does something else, too. It changes your thinking habits. You start growing weary of all your negative thoughts and learn to only give attention to the positive ones because they’re the thoughts that deliver the results you’re looking for. Soon each tough challenge is a mere bump on the road to success, because instead of seeing walls, your mountain biking mind is moving forward and looking for solutions.

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  1. Sebastian Thimmig says:

    Such simple advice but it makes a huge difference. I just enjoy riding so much more when thinking like this but need the reminder every so often. Thanks for this post and so many others that have helped me become a better rider.

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