How to Test Ride wider bars for Free plus: November prize winner announced

Wide handlebar Free Test Ride trick

Have you considered buying wider handlebars, but just not sure of the benefits wider bars provide?  Good news!  Watch this video and you’ll see how it takes only a few minutes and a few simple steps to set your bike up for a wide bar test ride.

November Prize Draw winner announced

It just might be you.  Click below to find out if you’re the lucky winner for November.

Good luck!  And remember to try that wide bar test ride.

4 Responses to How to Test Ride wider bars for Free plus: November prize winner announced

  1. Daniel Viento says:

    Chris, I agree with Davis, your website is “THE” MTB website,I have no enought words to say thanks for sharing knowledge with lots of MTB Fans.
    I´m from Buenos Aires Argentina,and a medium level biker, spinning during the week and XC circuits, we have around the city, on weekends. Thanks again.!

  2. David Jaget says:

    Where have you been in my MTB life?! Your videos and blogs are the best stuff I’ve found on the sport. I’m using your tips, practicing the skills you recommend and trying them out on the trails. I’m very grateful for the quality info you are providing me. I help run the Southern Nevada Mountain Biking Association Facebook page and am posting your videos and blogs regularly since I discovered you.

    Once again, thank you so much and if you find yourself in this neck of the woods, please contact me.

    David Jaget

    • Chris Carter says:

      Wow. Thanks heaps, David. Incidentally I’m just about at the end of a two week holiday (a break from work and website riding some awesome trails in New Zealand). Will have some new stuff up soon!
      Merry Christmas,

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